Who are we?

Rategov.ca is a platform which allows people to rate and view the performances of their elected officials from all levels of government. This performance is with respect to communication, effectiveness, community involvement and so on. We are dedicated to promoting transparency in government organizations and to seeing improvement in their respective offices. Therefore, constituents will have an additional resource to help determine if their reps are worth re-electing.

How it works?

When a government official provides a service for his/her constituents, then Rategov.ca allows such constituents to give reviews and ratings about the official. This includes the process, effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided to the constituents. Also, any official participating in any development of their environments and community will be rated. You can easily browse for any elected government official’s information using the name of their organization or their location. This will allow you to rate them.

Is it just anybody that can rate personnel?

Yes. No signup or membership required. Ratings are posted immediately, but some ratings are liable to being removed if we discover that they are not true. That is why we ask for the type of services provided and the mode the official used in carrying them out.

Will the person rating an official be anonymous?

All ratings are anonymous but you can choose to display your name to the public.

Is this website free?

Absolutely yes.

What can make Rategov.ca remove my rating?

Ratings are commonly removed due to improper or inappropriate comments or once Rategov.ca finds out that your comments are not true.

Can I modify my rating and review?

No. User can not modify their rating at this time, however this is a service we are considering for the future.

Can I put your reviews/ratings on my website/mobile app or change it or whatever?

All ratings and reviews about government officials are for free to use for personal and educational use but not for commercial use.

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